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2024 Bobcat CT2025 HST with Loader AG Tires




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Get rugged performance, power and comfort with the 25-hp Bobcat® CT2025 HST, a popular size class of compact tractor. It’s strong enough for heavy-duty jobs but small enough to work in tight areas. It delivers the features you need to take on loader or implement work. Choose from manual-shift transmission or hydrostatic transmission. Four-wheel drive, a Category 1 3-point hitch and rear PTO come standard. This economical model offers all-around versatility that’s a great fit for small farms, ranches and acreages.

Features may include:


Loaded with comfort features so you can spend all day out there doing what you love.

Work Lights

Work lights on Bobcat® compact tractors give you the visibility you need to keep going. Bright headlights illuminate the work in front of you, giving you high visibility in low light conditions. The LED tail lamp with a long bulb life makes sure you’re seen from behind as you travel around your acreage, trails or back roads.

Premium Comfort

When you’re comfortable, long days and a long list of projects are no problem. Bobcat® compact tractors are loaded with comfort features and easy-to-use controls so you can put in as many hours as you want to and not feel it the next day. Look for standard features, including ergonomic controls, suspension seat and low-noise, low-vibration engines, plus extras that make these machines easy to use and easy to enjoy.


The power and functionality to help you manage all the projects around your property.

Independent PTO

Independent power take-off (PTO) allows you to simply flip a switch to engage or disengage the PTO without stopping the tractor or using the clutch. This comes in handy for tasks that require frequent stopping and restarting of your implement, including moving from one hole to the next as you use the auger.

Live PTO

This power take-off (PTO) system is a simple, economical PTO system only on the 2000 Platform tractors with a manual transmission. It uses a mechanical linkage to engage and disengage the PTO system, and the tractor must come to a complete stop before turning the PTO on or off.

Lead Drawbar Towing

Bobcat® compact tractors deliver leading drawbar towing power and force for heavy towing performance that beats many other tractor brands. The hitch is adjustable to provide towing flexibility and convenience.

3-Point Hitch

The 3-point hitch transforms your Bobcat® tractor into a do-it-all machine to mow, till, grade a driveway, rake debris and weeds, move snow, and more. It’s compatible with all Category 1 implements and includes features that make it easy to hook up implements.

Maximum Maneuverability

Every day brings a new challenge on the farm or acreage. Bobcat® compact tractors offer maximum maneuverability to take on those challenges. Whether you need high clearance to get through rough terrain, four-wheel drive for extra traction or a tight turning radius to work around obstacles, you'll find the performance you need to get to the work.

Foldable Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS)

A ROPS, standard on all non-cab models, is designed to protect the operator in the event of a rollover (when the ROPS is locked in the up position and the seatbelt is fastened). The foldable ROPS can be temporarily lowered when driving under trees, into garages or in other low-clearance areas.

Leading Lift Capacity

Count on excellent lift capacities to increase your implement capabilities and improve your performance. Many Bobcat® tractors offer the highest 3-point hitch lift capacity in their size.


Bobcat FL7 Loader
Loader weight: 915 lbs
415 kg
Height (to pin): 95 inches
241 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket: 73 inches
185 cm
Dump reach: 11 inches
27 cm
Dump angle: 48°

Clearance, level bucket: 87 inches
220 cm
Reach at ground: 59 inches
149 cm
Rollback angle: 36°

Breakout force (at 500mm): 2487 lbs
1128 kg
Lift to full height (at 500mm): 1369 lbs
620 kg
Bucket width: 60 inches
152 cm





3-POINT HITCH Category 1



9 gal